[ns] Fw:how to modify the makefile

2009-04-15 Thread tiger-habit
hello everyone: one of my file want to include a head file in another floder ,so i need to modify the makefile,but when i modify it there are many errors that not related,i don't know what's wrong ,i need help ,thank you very much! please help me! 网易邮箱,中国第一大电子邮件服务商

[ns] about packet define

2009-03-30 Thread tiger-habit
hello: i want to get a answer that if a packet header can carry the information of a mobilenode,or if hdr_cmn can carry the information of a mobilenode,i want to know how i can do that. wish answers ,thank you

[ns] about how to modify the mobilenode

2009-03-18 Thread tiger-habit
hello: I'm a ns beginner,now I want to modify the mobilenode in the ns2, I wantto add some attributes in the mobilenode.I have made some changes. but there are errors in tclcl.h file, I want to know where should I change.

[ns] Hello, if there are some sip implementations in ns2

2007-05-30 Thread tiger
Hello, I wonder if there are some sip implementations in ns2. Could you please email the codes to me or direct me to the appropriate website. Thanks a lot. Hao