[ns] Adding a new packet in the trace file

2008-03-27 Thread yuva chitra
Hello, We are working on enhancements of AODV. we have created an extra overhead packet for routing in our proposal. Can somebody please tell us the way to add this packet in the trace file. we tried to add the new packet format in cmu-trace.cc file. but it didn't work. we are in

[ns] Malicious nodes creation

2008-03-24 Thread yuva chitra
Hello, We are working on improving the security aspects of AODV. We have implemented a trust based algorithm for AODV and we wish to test it using malicious nodes. We are not able to create malicious nodes ( nodes that drop packets ). We are in the final stage of our project. Kindly help us.

[ns] Implementing access point in ns2

2007-12-20 Thread yuva chitra
hi, I am doing my project in the field of VoIP on wireless networks. Can anyone help me with the information of how to implement an access point in ns2. It would be really helpful for me to carry on with my work.. Thanks in advance