[ns] Installation of tracegraph on a PC (windows XP operating system)

2009-01-17 Thread bassem mokhtar

Hello everybody,

I have a big problem...

I want to install the tracegraph on my PC (Windows XP operating system)  to 
test and analysis my results got by the network simulator ns-2
The installation process doesn't finish successfully...

Any one has ideas or steps to do that correctly..

My regards.


[ns] installation of tracegraph

2007-10-22 Thread alejandro gomez

Hi everybody: 
 I'm trying to install tracegraph under windows. I followed the 
 following procedures : 
 Installation instructions on Windows 
 1)Download tracegraph 2.05 and mglinstaller.exe from the internet
 2)unzip tracegraph202.zip to say, c: cygwin\ns-allinone\tracegraph
 3)execuate mglinstaller.exe, when it asks for directory name, enter 
 c: cygwin\ns-allinone\tracegraph
 4) add c: cygwin\ns-allinone to your enivronment PATH 
 5)how to add to environment PATH?? 
 right click on Mycomputer and select properties 
 From properties select Advanced tab 
 Select environment path variables 
 Select PATH and add your path to it 
 Thats it tracegraph is now ready!! 
6)copy tracegraph.exe in win32 folder

 now i try to run tracegraph and noyhing happens.

can anybody tell me where i am making the mistake, i new in this simulator and 
i dont know
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