[ns] wimax mesh

2011-09-20 Thread charanpreet singh

Hey everyone
Anyone having the patch for wimax in mesh architecture. If anyone has it can
he/she please give it to me i am not able to download it from
there server seems to be down.
I will be really grateful.

Thanks and regards

[ns] WiMAX mesh network - shown an error

2010-12-27 Thread Ramim

Hi everybody,
Hope all are fine.
I am a new user in NS-2 by using ubuntu.  I work in Wimax mesh networks. I
have a program, when i run this program then shown an error. Anyone please
tell me, how to solve this error:
num_nodes is set 9

(_o14 cmd line 1)
invoked from within
_o14 cmd addr
invoked from within
catch $self cmd $args ret
invoked from within
if [catch $self cmd $args ret] {
set cls [$self info class]
global errorInfo
set savedInfo $errorInfo
error error when calling class $cls: $args $...
(procedure _o14 line 2)
(SplitObject unknown line 2)
invoked from within
_o14 addr
(eval body line 1)
invoked from within
eval $node addr $args
(default arm line 2)
invoked from within
switch -exact $routingAgent_ {
set ragent [$self create-dsdv-agent $node]
$self at 0.0 $node start-dsr
set ragent [$self cre...
(procedure _o3 line 14)
(Simulator create-wireless-node line 14)
invoked from within
_o3 create-wireless-node
(eval body line 1)
invoked from within
eval $self create-wireless-node $args
(procedure _o3 line 23)
(Simulator node line 23)
invoked from within
$ns_ node
(for body line 2)
invoked from within
for {set i 0} {$i  $val(nn) } {incr i} {
set node_($i) [$ns_ node]
$node_($i) random-motion 0; # disable random motion
$god_ new...
(file mesh.tcl line 78)

I'm waiting for good solution.
Thanks in advance
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[ns] Wimax mesh network Simulation using NS2

2008-04-21 Thread Sandip Chakraborty

Hii members,
  I am currently doing a project on Mesh tree construction 
for IEEE 802.11 using NS2. There is a patch available for simulating mesh 
network over NS2 from the following link:
but I've not found any documentation on it. From where can I get a 
documentation of this wimax patch for NS2.
One more question is that, can anyone provide me some links or papers on 
current activities or research/project done on WiMAX mesh network
Thanks and Regards,

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[ns] WiMAX Mesh Network

2008-01-14 Thread ali zuhair


the NS2 support the WiMAX Mesh Network?

NS2 support the routing layer, MAC layer and Physical Layer in WiMAX Mesh 





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[ns] WiMax mesh patch Documentation

2007-12-20 Thread Atul Singh

Dear All,

Did any one of you are having any documentation regarding the WiMax mesh 
patch discussed at ns-blogspot.com or the patch at mentioned link :


Thanking you in advance.

Warm Regards,

Atul Singh

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