Re: [ns] handover between umts and wimax

2011-01-25 Thread RamiHach

Hi sir,
I am working on the same subject on mobile network and I have an urgent need
to know how to simulate UMTS and WIMAX senario through NS2. the version of
network simulator I have is 2.27 . le site EURANE dont work for me.
did you get any solution for this to build up the enviroment ?
please help

youssef baddi wrote:
 hello :
 i have to study the handover between umts and wimax , but i don't new the
 module that i need to install, also i don't knew how i can configure a
 mobile node with two interfaces umts and wimax.
 and i need any document that can help me .
 and thank you in advance
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Re: [ns] handover between umts and wimax

2010-09-14 Thread Ashwini Patankar


You can go through MIRACLE , a cross platform module for ns2, and it
supports multiple phy at nodes (if I am not wrong). Then you can go for
Eurane and ns umts extension based on eurane. I hope here you will be able
to study the handover between umts and wimax.
Please make me know, if will get those things work in your environment.

Thanks and Regards,

Ashwini | www.wirelesscafe.wordpress.comThanks and Regards,

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 [ns] handover between umts and wimax