[ns] CLustering code

2011-07-11 Thread Yogesh Khalate
Hello, i am working in NS2.34 and i need to cluster nodes. plaz help me for this. -- Thanks and Regards. Yogesh Khalate Lecturer, SVPM COE Malegaon Bk Mob: 8308799089

[ns] Clustering Code

2010-10-31 Thread Bodoor Al-fares
Hi All, I would like to perform clustering in ad hoc networks. I have got the algorithm from the base paper. But I dont know how to really proceed with the implementation in NS2. Also please tell me if any clustering algorithm has already been implemented in NS2. If so kindly share the

[ns] clustering code or leach protocol

2010-07-26 Thread Maumita Chatterjee
hi all,    anybody of u work on clustering in sensor-network.or anyone of u working on leach protocol...plss can u telll me how to do clustering in wsn ??//pls i will be waiting for your response..  thank u

[ns] clustering code and xgraph problem

2010-07-14 Thread Maumita Chatterjee
hello a,  my final year mtech thesis will be on secured clustered wireless sensor network ... and i am going to implement it on ns2. any one of you can u have cluster formation code.. please reply me if u have either code or any kind of suggestion.. eagerly waiting