[ns] Routing table NS2

2010-05-18 Thread Alexandre Jaron
Hello, I am a King's College student in London. I am encountering difficulties with my project. I am working on a wired scenario for now, and I need to add a kind of routing table on certain nodes. Basically, I want to tell one node: 'every packet coming from this node, forward them to that

Re: [ns] Routing table NS2

2010-05-18 Thread Sidney Doria
Alexandre, This TCL might help you. Thanks to Priscila Doria @ UFCG (who give me this TCL). Sidney Doria UFCG / BRAZIL --- # Create six nodes set x [$ns node] set y [$ns node] set z [$ns node] set w [$ns node] set r1 [$ns node] set r2 [$ns node] set r3 [$ns node] set r4 [$ns