[ns] TCL Commands

2009-02-17 Thread obaid abbasi
Hi, How can I find the complete list of TCL commands available in NS2? Regards, Ubaid

[ns] TCL commands

2008-05-12 Thread Sidney Doria
Hi, I suppose this can be very easy, but after read the chapter 3 of ns-2 manual: how to call a TCL command from C++ code? For instance, I use many commands in .TCL code, just like: $ns_ at 0.10 $node_(0) join 0xE00 *** How can I do a join 0xE00 from the node (using C++)?

Re: [ns] TCL commands

2008-05-12 Thread Mubashir Rehmani
Hi I think that you should use the following commands to call Tcl command in your C++ code for instance, if you want to call $ns now in your C++ code then you may use this Tcl tcl = Tcl::instance(); tcl.evalf($ns now); float g=atof(tcl.result()); the above command will get the current