[ns] WiMAX mesh network - shown an error

2010-12-27 Thread Ramim
Hi everybody, Hope all are fine. I am a new user in NS-2 by using ubuntu. I work in Wimax mesh networks. I have a program, when i run this program then shown an error. Anyone please tell me, how to solve this error: _ num_nodes is set 9 (_o14 cmd line 1) invoked from

[ns] Wimax mesh network Simulation using NS2

2008-04-21 Thread Sandip Chakraborty
Hii members, I am currently doing a project on Mesh tree construction for IEEE 802.11 using NS2. There is a patch available for simulating mesh network over NS2 from the following link: http://info.iet.unipi.it/~cng/ns2mesh80216/ but I've not found any documentation on

[ns] WiMAX Mesh Network

2008-01-14 Thread ali zuhair
Dear brothers Are the NS2 support the WiMAX Mesh Network? Are NS2 support the routing layer, MAC layer and Physical Layer in WiMAX Mesh Network? Thanks, Ali Zuhair Be a better