[ns] Wireless Mesh in NS 2

2009-02-20 Thread sajeeb saha
Hello, I want to analyze the performance of transport control protocol of wireless mesh network in NS 2. But i do not know how to start the process as i know that no transport control protocol has been developed for wireless mesh network yet. Hope the experts will give me a good guideline

[ns] Wireless Mesh in NS-2

2009-01-20 Thread zied naas
hi I intent to simulate a WMN based 802.11 using NS2. But i don't know how. May be anyone can show me some guidance on how to go about it. Or is there any existing model of WMN in NS2. Thanks in advance! Zied Naas Étudiant Maîtrise réseaux de télécommunication Tél: 514 803-3048

Re: [ns] Wireless Mesh in NS-2

2009-01-20 Thread Usman Ashraf
are already available in NS and have been used as protocols for mesh networks.   For mesh specific routing protocols, you will have to implement them.   regards. --- On Wed, 1/21/09, zied naas zizou_...@hotmail.com wrote: From: zied naas zizou_...@hotmail.com Subject: [ns] Wireless Mesh in NS-2 To: ns