[ns] accessing vaiable of c++

2009-01-19 Thread neeraj gupta
hi all how can i access the variable in c++ in tcl script. Also if change the code in c++ to print the value of variable where that value will be printed. Neeraj Gupta Assistant Professor HOD, CSE IT Department Hindu College of Engineering Sonepat

Re: [ns] accessing vaiable of c++

2009-01-19 Thread Sidney Doria
You must BIND a variable to use it in both sides. Read the specific chapter for this in the NS-2 manual, or take a look in a real example here: http://masimum.dif.um.es/nsrt-howto/pdf/nsrt-howto.pdf Sidney Doria UFCG / BRAZIL 2009/1/19 neeraj gupta neerajgupt...@rediffmail.com: hi all