Re: [ns] dei80211mr dsr seg fault

2007-12-09 Thread Nicola Baldo
Hi Ryan, when using DSR, you need to use a CMUPriQueue instead of a Queue/DropTail/PriQueue. This issues is due to the DSR implementation, and is not related to dei80211mr. I tried this on the adhoc_tcp.tcl script and I was able to run DSR successfully with no segfault. Regards, Nicola

[ns] dei80211mr dsr seg fault

2007-12-06 Thread ryan m
hello, Has anyone has any luck with using dei80211mr with DSR? When I take the the adhoc_tcp.tcl script from the sample directory in the distribution and change the routing protocol to DSR and change NOTHING else ns Segmentation faults when I run the script. Would you know what has to be