[ns] problem solved

2012-09-03 Thread Manjula Raja
Hello friends, my problem to the problem which i posted in my previous posting is now solved ... code omitted because of The mistake was , presence of extra character F in one of the tcl file, which got typed mistakenly, when i was using Ctrl+F key, i pressed Shift+F to find my thing and

[ns] Problem solved

2012-08-16 Thread Manjula Raja
Hello friends The solution to my problem invalid command name Agent/Dream while executing Agent/Dream create _o1015 invoked from within ., is now solved. The only thing i need to is use the following two command after modifying all the necessary files in ns2 is 1. [ns-2.XX]$ touch

[ns] Problem Solved: Re: Res: Urgent :Problem with implementing Ricean Propagation Model

2009-06-16 Thread Lokendra S
Hi everybody, the Ricean/Propagation Model problem is solved. Nebody facing the problem , follow the following two steps 1) Download the Ricean Model zip from http://www.ece.cmu.edu/wireless/ 2) Put prop_ricean.cc and prop_ricean.h (obtained frm zip file) in ~/ns/mobile directory 3) Add