Re: [ns] Segmentation fault (core dumped) error with NAM command in GPSR Keliu wireless-gpsr.tcl example

2015-05-16 Thread knudfl
Hi . I guess the GPSR-KeLiu protocol isn't really supporting nam ? There is a text file TextFile-modify-wireless-gpsr about nam in the examples. But I don't remember that anybody ever succeeded with a GPSR-KeLiu nam file. Latest examples : GPSR-KeLiu-examples_01.2015.tar.gz

[ns] segmentation fault(core dumped) error

2008-03-14 Thread SS Mukaka
I'm having problems with the above mentioned error when the number of nodes in my simulation is more than 30. I'm simulating my own protocol and it works well with nodes less than 30... Regards...

Re: [ns] segmentation fault(core dumped) error

2008-03-14 Thread Arturo Servin
I have 69 nodes, it was working well until yesterday that I added one line to create a new variable. After the value set up the simulation crash around the middle, if I remove the line, it works well. The offending line could be something as silly as: set dummy 0 I wonder