[ns] some of DSR parameters

2008-10-26 Thread Dasha Stepanova
Dear ns-users, I am new user of ns-2. I am doing a simulation using dsr routing protocols. Now I have several problems with my ns-scenario. I need somehow change range of nodes from 250m to 500m. I found a few ways how to do this but no one is clear for me. Other problem how to define number

Re: [ns] some of DSR parameters

2008-10-26 Thread Sidney Doria
Ok Dasha, NS-2 requires lots of time! You'll get a good expertise in a year or more. DSR is a routing protocol. Inside DSR (like every routing protocol in NS-2) you'll find a function recv(). recv() is the one which lower layers will call to pass packets. So, when a packet arrives, it goes