[ns] how to simulate worms

2005-12-27 Thread heyuyou
hello,friends, i am want to use ns to simulate how to propagate worms,but now ,i don't know how to implement the script,and the related works,and what i need to know to simulate a worm,and can you provide some useful links for that,thanks! = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Re: [ns] lost and dropped packets

2005-12-27 Thread Kamal Gakhar
any consideration to distance between nodes..?? On 27 Dec 2005 04:16:07 -, cp kothari [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: while simulating wireless network using AODV and DSR protocol for 3 nodes i am getting lost packets of the order ~1000 packets out of total ~5000 packets transmitted. what

[ns] urgent please: mac datarate

2005-12-27 Thread Debora Meyhofer Ferreira
Hello! I'm simulating a wired cum wireless scenario with UDP/CBR in Ns2-28 and I need to simulate with diferent bandwidth (1Mb, 2Mb, 5.5Mb and 11MB). I know that Mac/802_11 set dataRate_ 11Mb change the bandwidth. But I tried to change the bandwidth using: set mac(0) [$n(0) set mac_(0)]

Re: [ns] Problem on DV protocol

2005-12-27 Thread Marcio Novais
You must use this sintax $ns rtproto DV $r1 $r2 instead of $ns rtproto DV $r1 $r2 this must solve your problem. I had this same problem once. Smoetimes you need to use when you want to set some parameters in NS. Marcio. 2005/12/26, Jie Feng [EMAIL PROTECTED]: Hi all: I have a

[ns] question about Http class in ns-2

2005-12-27 Thread Xiaoliang (David) Wei
Hi, I am trying to use Http traffic as a background traffic for my simulations. I wonder if there is a class for this purpose (generating http traffic as background traffic, without modeling the detailed web accesses such as link references and etc). I scanned through the source code

[ns] trafiic generation

2005-12-27 Thread cp kothari
for auto traffic generation trough cbrgen.tcl file i am getting starting from node 1 to ... whereas i want to get it from node 0 to . i have gone through the script but not able to crack it. CAN ANY ONE TRIED THAT? ...kothari...

[ns] Random cross-traffic generation

2005-12-27 Thread Amit Mondal
Hi All, Any idea about how to generate random cross traffic in ns-2. For my simulation, to evaluate my heuristics I need to have Internet like random cross-traffic. Any suggestion or direction will be appreciated! Rgds Amit

Re: [ns] instl of gt-itm and sgb2ns

2005-12-27 Thread cp kothari
SUGGEST SOMETHING IF POSSIBLE ON THE GIVEN BELOW PRBLEM. [EMAIL PROTECTED] ~]# cd gt-itm [EMAIL PROTECTED] gt-itm]# cd src [EMAIL PROTECTED] src]# ./configure bash: ./configure: No such file or directory [EMAIL PROTECTED] src]# cd .. [EMAIL PROTECTED] gt-itm]# ./configure bash: ./configure: