Re: [ns] port number

2006-05-04 Thread Hajer FERJANI
Hi, These tcl commands are implemented in or in the command( ) method which is used to add tcl commands. Bye. On 4/28/06, Chams D [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi, can anyone tell me how to use the procedure $node id or $node port ??? and also where are theses methodes

[ns] moving mobile nodes

2006-05-04 Thread debojit boro
Hi all, I m trying to implement a simple DSR protocol. Whenever i create a mobile node such as set mobilenode [new Node/MobileNode] the nodes don't tend to move but if created as set node [$ns_ node] the mobile nodes moves.Why is it happening??Can anyone please plzz tel me the reason.Plzz help

Re: [ns] Connecting agents--many to many

2006-05-04 Thread Hajer FERJANI
Hi, You can do that by specifying a port number for your agent and then attach your agent to the nodes through that port. That way, an agent can communicate with any other agent by specifying its address and port id. Example : - In .h and .cc files: #define CLUSTERING_PORT 113 struct hdr_ip

[ns] Usual Mistake

2006-05-04 Thread hamid reza
Hi All, Most people used below instruction for calculating a bandwidth #Calculate the bandwidth (in MBit/s) and write it to the files puts $grfd $now [expr $bw1/$time*8/1024/1024] [expr $bw2/$time*8/1024/1024] [expr $bw3/$time*8/1024/1024] But I Think The Correct one is : #Calculate the

[ns] MANET Having DIFFERENT Routing Protocol in ONE Network

2006-05-04 Thread S. Alex Nikzad
Hi everyone, (In my project, I've focused on DSR and Black hole attacks ...) I wanna implement different routing protocol in my testbed : DSR and modified DSR I will be appreciate you if I recieve some hints to treat this query: How can I FLAG a node uses MALICIOUS or a

[ns] How can I estimate delay in Diffserv

2006-05-04 Thread ghazale khojaste
Dear Ns-users: I have a question about Ns 2.27: I am training in Diffserv. How can I estimate delay for each class? Send me a TCL file that estimated delay please. yours, ghazale khojaste - Talk is cheap. Use Yahoo! Messenger to make

[ns] Warning message

2006-05-04 Thread Chams D
Hi I created a new type of header for my agent and of course I put a new offset that I called off_source_ but when I run my tcl script I obtain this warning message warning: no class variable Agent/Source::off_source_ How can I correct that. Thanx

Re: [ns] How can I estimate delay in Diffserv

2006-05-04 Thread Alexander Sayenko
Hi First, if you want to estimate the delay, you need AWK or perl script to analyse the trace file. Second, there is no such a thing as a class delay. You can estimate mean delay of packets belonging to some class (or the maximum delay), but you still need to analyse the trace file. Sincerely,

Re: [ns] Usual Mistake

2006-05-04 Thread Hai Nam
I think it's just because the results are rounded to integers after each step. Replace set x 5 by set x 5.0 will return the correct answer. With kind regards, -- Hai-Nam NGUYEN

[ns] Usual Mistake

2006-05-04 Thread hamid reza
Thanks For you Responses, But I dont know Are Bytes Recieved From Agents Store as double in bw variable or store at int in it? if store as double anything be ture. but if store as int this bug exist in our codes. Regards Hamid Reza __ Do You

Re: [ns] Usual Mistake

2006-05-04 Thread Alexandra Cioroianu
Hello Hamid! I think the first expression would be correct if $bw1 was expressed in bits, not octets(8 bits/8=1 Byte, not 8 bits*8=1 byte). But since the packets' sizes are measured in bytes(octets), i think that 8 is not necessary anymore, the measuring unit will result in MBps without

Re: [ns] TCL Simulation script/C++ interaction query wrt AODV routing protocol

2006-05-04 Thread Paul Kiddie
Hi, Many thanks for your speedy reply, the 'bind' command is exactly what I was thinking of doing for tying C++ variables with TCL variables, but now I'm wondering where I should put these bind commands (as far as which source file is concerned) to be able to access it as: '$node set isMalicous_

Re: [ns] the neighbors in networks simulator,no one can help me?

2006-05-04 Thread Hai Nam
Hello, is used for wireless networks simulation in general. I don't know if IsNeighbor is used, but you can search for IsNeighbor in ~ns to verify that (grep -r ...). About AODV (and any wireless routing protocols that use HELLO message, I thinks), look at ~ns/aodv/, in the

[ns] providing more realistic nodes mobility traces referred to ad hoc network simulation

2006-05-04 Thread Luo.Gang
Hi all, I write for asking your help. I have an excited idea about providing more realistic nodes mobility traces referred to ad hoc network simulation, such as in NS2, and I plan to implement it in this summer vacation. I will describe my general idea and the reason why I

[ns] Otcl syntax problem - accessing properties on objects

2006-05-04 Thread Paul Kiddie
Hi all, Just a quick newbie question to do with Otcl syntax - how do I access properties on objects? for example in NS-2, wireless nodes $nodes are of type 'MobileNode'. They have an ragent_ property on them (found out by running the info Tcl command). So now how do I access ragent_ from within

[ns] Relation Between CSThresh_, RXThresh_ , Distance, Pt_ and Reciever Sensivity in 802.11b

2006-05-04 Thread hamid reza
Hi All, I have Static WLAN 802.11b Scenario. I used TwoRayGround For Propagation. I want to Calculate Good Positioning of My Nodes. In Spec Tec of Real WLAN 802.11b Card we Have Receiver Sensivity And Power Output. I knew that Power output Equal with Pt_. But How can I relate Between other

Re: [ns] Usual Mistake

2006-05-04 Thread Sita S. Krishnakumar
Not bytes received - it is always an integer. x/y should be typecasted to float to get correct answer. use 4.0, 5.0 as someone else had replied. Hi, thanks for your response, I dont know Exactly but i think bytes recieved is integer. Regards Hamid Regards --- Sita S. Krishnakumar

[ns] Question about CSMA in 802.11

2006-05-04 Thread ma hui
HI friends, I have a question about the behavior of Physical Carrier sensing in NS2. Can any one help me to clarify it? According to my understanding, in the ns-2 code, physical carrier sensing is handled by a timer. When there is a packet with a received power higher than CST the

Re: [ns] Simulating node failures

2006-05-04 Thread Dhammika Pathirana
Actually it seems like we can use error models for this, I guess there should be some type of extension from generic error models to support specific node errors. Dhammika On 5/3/06, Hai Nam [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: On 5/3/06, Dhammika Pathirana [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi, What is