[ns] set/change agent/service/source protocol number in NS

2006-07-24 Thread S.Mehdi Sheikhalishahi
I found response of my question, We can use a Tcl command such as *$tcp set agent_port_ 21*. -- Best Regards, S.Mehdi Sheikhalishahi, Bye.

Re: [ns] Service based classification for SFQ/DRR

2006-07-24 Thread Alexander Sayenko
Hi Just for you to know, DRR/WRR and scheduling disciplines that support flow-based and class-based resource sharing were already implemented in this package http://www.cc.jyu.fi/~sayenko/src/ns2rr-0.0.3.tar.gz. They also support LLQ in the so-called alternate priority mode. However, class-based

Re: [ns] Install the GPRS module

2006-07-24 Thread Alexander Sayenko
Hi Here is the noah.patch, maybe it will help. Sincerely, Alexander Sayenko (PhD) Senior Assistant Telecommunication laboratory, MIT department University of Jyvaskyla, Finland -- -- Hello all I want

[ns] code for simulating a connected sensor cover

2006-07-24 Thread Srirupa Dasgupta
Dear all, Can someone help me to wite a code to simulate a wireless sensor cover I an working on ns2.26 patched with nrlsensor sim Regards Srirupa On Mon, 24 Jul 2006 [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote : Send Ns-users mailing list submissions to ns-users@isi.edu To subscribe or unsubscribe via

Re: [ns] Fwd: Why can't I install the ns2 2.29 on ubuntu 6.06?

2006-07-24 Thread lei Liang
Hi,mate, I am afraid you have to tell the configure where to find the TCL directory like this: ./configure --with-tcl=Path to the tcl directory Same for everything you should install such as otcl, tclck, ns and nam. Cheers, Lei On Mon, 2006-07-24 at 08:10 +0800, zhihang wang wrote:

[ns] simulating delay, queue length, throughput, drop packets

2006-07-24 Thread William . Ampeh
Hello, Can the following performance values be obtained from NS? simulating delay, queue length, throughput, drop packets I am attempting to simulate a simple network with two nodes connected via a router. Is so, given the structure of a trace file (out.tr), how do I obtain these values?

[ns] Installation problem

2006-07-24 Thread Mohadig Rousstia
hallo everybody Does somebody know, why during installation(allinone) under cygwin, the xgraph cant be compiled automatically. In other words in the cywin window it was written that Ns.2.29 is installed succesfully, but I need to compile xgraph separately. I download the single piece