[ns] Routing of packets

2006-10-06 Thread Pragasen Mudali
I have created a wireless network of 30 nodes and am using AODV as the routing protocol. after running the simulation I find that the majority of packets are dropped if the destination is outside of the sender's broadcast radius. Effectively the routing protocol does not work because intermediate

[ns] How to setup - Random Error Generator in NS2

2006-10-06 Thread Aleksandar Smolovic
Hi all, I need to setup link between two nodes where I have RANDOM ERRORS with PER (packet error rate) = 10exp-7, 10exp-6,10exp-5 etc. So, I need to setup Error generator in ns2. Can somebody tell me how to do this? Thanks. A.

[ns] number of packet in the queue

2006-10-06 Thread Bilel Romdhani
i m using ns2.27 and i m trying to extend mac layer ! how can i know the number of the packet in the queue (i want to display that by using printf(...,.) in the mac-802_11.cc)

[ns] Implementation of DiffServ for MANETs

2006-10-06 Thread Mohammad Haseeb Zafar
Is their any Implementation of DiffServ for MANETs?

[ns] Mac/Simple layer on ns-2

2006-10-06 Thread Andres Fernando Estupinan Lopez
Hi for all, I have some questions about the Mac/Simple layer on ns-2 -Somebody knows what is the basic functionality of the Mac/Simple Layer on ns-2? and for what applications or networks this layer is intended to? -If i want to simulate a generic wireless network ┬┐can i use this mac layer