[ns] BIC-TCP and CUBIC-TCP in ns-2.29

2006-10-17 Thread Aleksandar Smolovic
Hi all, any of you with BIC-TCP and CUBIC-TCP installed under ns-2.29 ?

[ns] problem in wireless phy layer

2006-10-17 Thread Sandeep
Hi everyone, I am simulating 802.11. I dont know why the difference between send and receive events at mac layer is coming 599 micro seconds . The trace I included here. s 1.356629577 _0_ MAC --- 943 cbr 584 [13a 1 0 800] --- [0:0 1:0 32 1] [943] 0 0 r 1.357228855 _1_ MAC --- 943

[ns] routing in ns-2

2006-10-17 Thread Ramzi Tka
Hi all, what is the function and the class in which a node verify whether (1) the destination ip addr node is directly connected to the transmitter node and then do an arp request if necessary or (2) do a routing table request to set the approriate mac adress. thanks

[ns] ns-2 mac addresses

2006-10-17 Thread Ramzi Tka
Hi all, I have three questions : 1. When, how and by whoom 802.11 dst mac addresses are set ( in term of class and function if possible)? 2. How could we get a nde macc address. What about the case of multiple interfaces ? 3. What's the difference between node id and mac @ ? thank you Best

[ns] ns-allinone-2.29 over cygwin. error message tcl.8.3.2 configuration failed

2006-10-17 Thread Emin Gencpinar
Hi, I have just tried to install ns over cygwin. I have downloaded tcl8.3.2, but the problem still goes on. That is the error message generated by install script. Anyone help me as soon as possible ?.. checking system version (for dynamic loading)... ./configure: line 7624: syntax error near

[ns] shell script which can run iterative simulation e.g. with increasing no. of wireless stations

2006-10-17 Thread wajid mehmood
Hi all, Have anybody idea how to write shell script which is able to run iterative simulations with increasing the no. of wireless nodes. My Scenario:one base station and wireless node with three priority flows ,wireless nodes are command line argument so they can be increased in

[ns] Sending packets one by one

2006-10-17 Thread m . tharwat
How to send just one packet, and how to include a specific data in the body of this packet, and how to chech that packet has been received by the receiver node?

[ns] Lan Switch Implemenation

2006-10-17 Thread m . tharwat
How to implement lan switch in ns?

Re: [ns] Examining Packet Type

2006-10-17 Thread Dan Dechene
Dear ns Users, I just had a question with regards to analyzing a packet type. I want to keep a running counter in my C++ code of how many packets are of a certain type are passed to Wireless::sendup. But I wanted to know how I can grab that packet type in that function (ie CBR, RTS, etc).

[ns] ns2.26 installation problem

2006-10-17 Thread Karena Xu
Hi all, Would like to know if any of you encountered this problem before during installation? /usr/lib/gcc/i686-pc-cygwin/3.4.4/include/c++/bits/vector.tcc:384: error: expected unqualified-id before '(' token make: *** [diffusion3/ns/difftimer.0] Error 1 Ns make failed! My installation is

Re: [ns] Xgraph basic question

2006-10-17 Thread Loreno Oliveira
If using xgraph is not a need, you may try gnuplot for ploting your graphs... Regards, Loreno On 10/17/06, Aco [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I am trying to visualize test results using Xgraph. Everything is OK, but I have problem with something that should not be a problem. I cannot find a

Re: [ns] ns-allinone-2.29 over cygwin. error message tcl.8.3.2configuration failed

2006-10-17 Thread Karena Xu
Hi, Maybe you can take a look at this blog http://ravemz.blogspot.com/2006/04/problem-in-installing-ns-2292-allinone.html Besides the 3 files tcl: file tcl8.x.x/unix/tcl.m4. tk: file tk8.x.x/unix/tcl.m4. otcl: file otcl-1.x/configure.in. as mentioned in the blog, i've actually also modified

[ns] Searching patch for NAM 1.11 on 64-bit architecture

2006-10-17 Thread Matthias Kuhnert
Hi all, I wonder, if anyone might have the patch available for NAM 1.11 and x86_64 architectures? The old link: http://sdrapisarda.altervista.org/download/namx86_64.patch is unfortunately not longer available :( Thanks in advance! Regards, Matthias -- Der GMX SmartSurfer hilft bis zu 70%

[ns] Fwd: Help with WFQ-Scheduler for Wireless networks

2006-10-17 Thread Shaili Desai
Hi I am trying to find the Scheduler based on Weighted Fair Queuing for Wireless Networks especially 802.16, but couldn find. Any advice on WFQ Scheduler in NS2 in the latest version??Cud find one which is for ns2.1b6. So for higher versions it might work but not with the patch command but

[ns] mftp, where

2006-10-17 Thread G.Acar
Dear all - I've got a short question. I remember using Starburst MFTP in NS-2.28. There used to be relevant *.cc and *.tcl files for MFTP implementation. I have just instructed my student to use MFTP over NS. Yet, it seems MFTP is not available in ns-2.29.3 ! May I ask if there is a

[ns] Recurring Timer Events

2006-10-17 Thread Larry Brigman
I have the following code: class queue; class queueStats : public TimerHandler { public: inline queueStats(Kqueue *q) : TimerHandler() { q_ = q; } private: virtual void expire(Event *); queue* q_; }; void queueStats::expire(Event*) { q_-collectStats();

[ns] Problems compiling ns-2.30 with g++ 4.1

2006-10-17 Thread Ignacio Mas Ivars
Hi all! I am trying to compile ns-2.30 in an linux Ubuntu box with g++ 4.1 and I am having problems with the linker. All the files are compiled correctly but when linking the following message appears: /usr/bin/ld: ns: hidden symbol `__stack_chk_fail_local' in

Re: [ns] Help: scheduler going backwards in time...problem

2006-10-17 Thread Larry Brigman
I was having a similar problem. I have a queue that I need to drain but the standard methods of sub-classing the Queue class did not get me all the way there. The other problem was that after I implemented my changes I would always get ns: scheduler going backwards in time which abort the

[ns] what is the usage of add-ifq-send-trace

2006-10-17 Thread Semra YILMAZ
Hi everybody, Can anyone please explain me the meaning of the below statement. When i use this statement ns gives error. $node_($i) add-ifq-send-trace Thanks in advance, Semra ## Dikkat: Bu elektronik posta mesaji kisisel

[ns] RSSI measurement

2006-10-17 Thread Loreno Oliveira
Hi All, does anybody know how do I measure the RSSI between two wireless nodes?? As far as I have seen in the archive, this question has been posted during years in this list without any reply. I will be extremelly thankful if somebody had some hint about it. Regards, Loreno

[ns] need help about generating Topology

2006-10-17 Thread gh
Hi all, i need help about how can i generate a mobile network topology based on Geometric Graphs as example RNG graph or Yao Graph. Thanks in advance Ghada