[ns] Regarding M/m/m queueing model simulation

2006-11-04 Thread Saurabh
hi frndz, I m working on simulating the queueing models in NS2. m facing problems in m/m/m simulation when simulating it in tcl/tk. Actually i ve reffered some codes on the net but they do not use nodes and link thing to simulate it. they juz use variables and solve it mathematically. Also if I

Re: [ns] why does the code below doesn't work as expected

2006-11-04 Thread Guillermo Biot
Remember to set the bandwidth in Mbps. The following paragraph is part of the chapter 3.2 of the ns2 manual: Bandwidth is specified as a real value, optionally suffixed by a 'k' or 'K' to mean kilo-quantities, or 'm' or 'M' to mean mega-quantities. A final optional suffix of 'B' indicates that

Re: [ns] Invalid packet type,when install new routing proto.

2006-11-04 Thread pooja Vyavahare
Hi, I think you have to define the packet type in the file ~/ns/common/packet.h See in the file for every packet type there is a declaration like #define HDR_ODM(p) (hdr_o :: access(p) Define ur [acket name here as well as add it in enum command description in the same file

[ns] time synchronization in WSN

2006-11-04 Thread Sana Jan
Hi everybody Is currently anyone working on time synchronization in wireless sensor networks...if yes please get in touch with me thank you Regads Sana jan

[ns] Help regarding multicast MANET protocols

2006-11-04 Thread pooja Vyavahare
Hi all, I am working on multicast over mobile ad hoc networks( MANET). For the comapaarison I need to have AMRoute and AMRIS protocol. I am trying to implement these protocols in ns-2.28 version. But till now I have no success. From the previous ns list search I found that few people have tried