[ns] Change the Size of CTS(NS2) on 802.11

2007-03-23 Thread hamid reza
Dear all, Can you change the size of CTS(From 14 to 17)? I really appreciate from incomming Comments. Best Regards Hamid R.Afrancheh Don't pick lemons. See all the new 2007 cars at Yahoo! Autos.

[ns] Routing agent exchange

2007-03-23 Thread Ulrich Herberg
In an agent I would like to change the routing protocol agent of a wireless node. I can successfully insert a new routing agent, but I somehow get a segmentation fault from the old agent: The following code is executed from the C++ agent (with tcl.evalf()): set ragent_(0) [new Agent/OLSR

[ns] how tcp-elfn works

2007-03-23 Thread Satish B
sir/madam I would like to make simulation of ELFN mechanism of G.Holland in ns-2. I came to know from one of the research paper that code of ELFN simulation in ns-2 is made public. Can any one help me to find code. Thank you.

[ns] configuration 2 interfaces (in 2 different channels) with 802.11a and 802.11b

2007-03-23 Thread Elena Putzolu
thanks Marcel, but my demand did not refer to the values that variable statics must assume (the values they can modify easy), I need help for the interface set up in tcl languages. Which are the commands who allow me to shape in way corrected the static tcl variable for every interface

[ns] help needed to downgrade GCC version

2007-03-23 Thread Martin Dario Pereyra
Hi all, I have a problem when installing old gcc version. I use ns-allinone-2.27 with NRLSensorSim extension (2.27 is the most recent version for this extension) in Fedora Core 6 with gcc 4.1. I have a patch for this version of ns to work with gcc 4.1 but for the extensions added doesn't work.

[ns] satellite sur ns

2007-03-23 Thread samet olfa
hi everybody can some one help me please? I'm searching for satellite implementation ( as GPS). I'm working on geographical routing in ad hoc networks and I didn't find any implementation of such protocols. please help me

[ns] header packets files

2007-03-23 Thread Jezabel Miriam Molina Gil
I am working with mobile nodes and I want to add a new header field. I have find the files hdr_sr.h and hdr_sr.cc but they are for dsr headers, someone know which are the header files for mobile nodes in general? -- Saludos Jezabel M. Molina Gil

[ns] About mobility models in ns-2

2007-03-23 Thread super.ismiti
Hi all, I'm need some help with mobility models in ns-2. I read in a paper that a person used the ScenGen tool to generate the scenery. I have a source in C++ that may be of the mobility model that this author made. So, I'd like know how I can use a mobility model in a simulation. I know that

[ns] R: problem in delay and throughput script

2007-03-23 Thread Marco Fiore
Ibrahim, download the latest version from http://reti.polito.it/fiore and follow the read.me for instructions on how to run the scripts. bye, Marco Messaggio originale Da: [EMAIL PROTECTED] com Data: 22-mar-2007 10.19 AM A: ns-users@ISI.EDU Ogg: [ns] problem in delay and throughput

Re: [ns] Problem setting BO,SO pair in 802.15.4

2007-03-23 Thread Stefano Busanelli
Thanks for your quick reply, I've tried to patch CsmaCA802_15_4::canProceed method, but the problem isn't disappeared. I've noticed that the problem is present only on SCS802_15_4::startDevice method and not in SSCS802_15_4::startPANCoord method. In addition there are little different between

[ns] ScenGen - tutorial?

2007-03-23 Thread super.ismiti
Hi, Someone know some tutorial about ScenGen? THanks, Ricardo.


2007-03-23 Thread antonis antoniou
Dear all, i am a newbie in ns and i want to take the current value of ifq length ... can any one help how can i achieve this??

Re: [ns] help:Can anyone send me a wireless script which uses Node Movement and Topology Generation Traffic Pattern Generation

2007-03-23 Thread Shailesh Gamit
this script will create random topology for random no. of nodes , for random movement and at random amount of time i think this was what u need. set min 5.0 #min value set max1 480.0 #max val of time set max2 990.0# x-coordinat set max3 990.0 #y-coordinate set max4

[ns] Problems with the WiMAX NIST patch

2007-03-23 Thread wacky
hey ns-users, ive installed the NIST wimax patch, but when i try to simulate simple.tcl(comes with the rar file) i get an error msg saying, invalid command name Mac/802_16 while executing Mac/802_16 set debug_0 file simple.tcl line 45 thanks for your help. rgrds WA Iqbal

[ns] Strange queue access problem from Mac802_11

2007-03-23 Thread Jiwoong Lee
Dear NS-users, This is a mysterious queue access problem. From Mac802_11, I need to access link layer queue variables. Naturally, I tried In mac/mac-802_11.cc, LL *l = (LL *)uptarget_; fprintf(stdout,Queue Lnegth: %d\n,l-ifq()-length()); Result is segmentation fault. I believe

[ns] something about CBQ

2007-03-23 Thread cmxhr
hi everyone how to understand the relation between eligible_formal ,eligible_ancestros,eligible_toplevel and MAXLEVEl I want to classify some flows into a flow class by their weights,how to do it by modify the CBQ source code. Thanks chenmaoxiang

[ns] something about CBQ

2007-03-23 Thread cmxhr
hi everyone how to understand the relation between eligible_formal ,eligible_ancestros,eligible_toplevel and MAXLEVEl I want to classify some flows into a flow class by their weights,how to do it by modify the CBQ source code. Thanks chenmaoxiang