[ns] ODSBR help

2007-12-13 Thread safaa Saad_Eldine
From: [EMAIL PROTECTED]: [EMAIL PROTECTED]: odsbr helpDate: Thu, 13 Dec 2007 10:38:24 + hello, can any one help me to know the details of the ODSBR routing protocol? thanks The best games are on Xbox 360. Click here for a special offer on an Xbox 360 Console. Get it now!

[ns] Needs for WiMAX dot tcl files

2007-12-13 Thread Michael Young
-- Forwarded message -- From: Michael Young [EMAIL PROTECTED] Date: Dec 13, 2007 5:30 PM Subject: Needs for WiMAX dot tcl files To: NS2_MailingList ns-users@isi.edu Hi, everyone, I've just started to learn NS and now I am working on simulating WiMAX networks on using , so would

[ns] Heap Scheduler

2007-12-13 Thread Ghada Al-Mashaqbeh
Hi all, We all know that calendar scheduler is the default for ns-2 simulations, also it was proved that the heap scheduler is faster and better for large scale simulations. My question are there any risks or limiations on using heap scheduler or we can use it for any simulation

[ns] MIP headaches

2007-12-13 Thread Keita Rose
I have been trying to simulate simple examples of MIPv4 in NS-2 based on the Marc Greiss example for a simulation period of 2400 seconds but for more times than not my simulations just seem to hang up. I have a 36 nodes grid wired networks in a 2400m x 2400m area with 180 mobile nodes. I am

Re: [ns] MIP headaches

2007-12-13 Thread Pedro Vale Estrela
Create a much smaller test example and proceed up step by step Eng. Pedro Vale Estrela, PhD Researcher at INESC-ID, Lisbon PhD Computer Science / IP Mobile Networks at IST/TU Lisbon CV: http://tagus.inesc-id.pt/~pestrela Email: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Mobile: (+351) 91

[ns] [bug] Differentiated Services module - RED algorithm

2007-12-13 Thread Lengyel Miklós
Hi all! I think there is a bug in the DiffServ module of ns (version 2.32), namely in the implemetation of the RED algorithm. In my opinion the wrong line is in file diffserv/dsredq.cc line number 239 in function redQueue::enque : return PKT_DROPPED; This is the case when the RED drops a

Re: [ns] access dei80211mr rate adapter rate

2007-12-13 Thread Nicola Baldo
ryan m wrote: I have an adhoc network, which I'm using dei80211mr-1.1.1 (with activating the included rate adaptation on each node) to simulate 802.11g with rate adaptation. Is there a way to determine the current rate being used (call RateAdapter::getCurrMode() ) from dsragent.cc? That's

[ns] Urgent : install the multipath routing over NS

2007-12-13 Thread abboud
Hello, I need to install the multipath routing over NS, if u can help , please contact me on : [EMAIL PROTECTED] or reply on this message, It's urgent, PLZ Best regards -- View this message in context:

[ns] MIP headaches

2007-12-13 Thread Keita Rose
I have tried tried reducing the simulation time but the problem re-occurs at the same simulation instant... I have attached a copy of the file let me know if you recognise any offending bits. Keita

Re: [ns] MIP headaches

2007-12-13 Thread kxr387
I have tried it for short simulation period but it work well for any time less than the offending instant. I am attaching a copy of the file, let me know if there are any errors... http://www.nabble.com/file/p14324599/sample36-wirelessr3nc.tcl sample36-wirelessr3nc.tcl Pedro Vale Estrela

[ns] [NS] RNC is droping packets.( EURANE + Diffserv )

2007-12-13 Thread Quddus
hello all, I am having problems while implimeting diffserv (dsred, ns2.30 inbuilt) in EURANE (3G/UMTS). first i had the following error terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::out_of_range' what(): vector::_M_range_check GDB was not able to track the above code. BUT i resolved

[ns] looking for script of tfrc wireless or multfrc

2007-12-13 Thread jiali peng
Hi all, I am looking for script of tfrc wireless or multfrc for research use. Could you help me? Best regards! Cecilia

[ns] Please unsubscribe from the this mail group

2007-12-13 Thread Ashutosh Srivastava
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Re: [ns] access dei80211mr rate adapter rate

2007-12-13 Thread ryan m
In case anyone is ever interested in doing this each packet has the rate it was sent at stored in the multirate header, which does persist at least as far ast the routing layer. So by adding the dei80211mr-1.1.1/src and dei8021.1.1/src/adt to the include directors in the ns makefile as well as

[ns] How to simulation mpeg-2 video transmission...

2007-12-13 Thread yu cow
Hi ALL... Can someone tell me? I want to simulation mpeg-2 video transmission with the CBR+UDP. The frames of the MPEG traces are packetized to 188 bytes. A ethernet fame have date is 1316 bytes(7*188 bytes). The TCL code is below. And I have to question. 1.Is the parameters in below