[ns] simple question about node direction and speed

2008-04-23 Thread brahmiNadia
Hi, I need to get mobile nodes direction and the speed in C++ do anyone has an idea about that? I'm not sure if the node in ns2 can know its direction and speed at any time I found two function getVelo() and speed() in MobileNode.cc used to update the position but I don't know if they can

[ns] energy model variables

2008-04-23 Thread anas abu_taleb
Hi all I am trying to acces the initial energy value after configuring the wireless node, unfortunally i did not succeed to do that. As a result I wonder anyone knows a way to do that and I will be grateful for the help Regards Anas - Be a

[ns] DCCP module installation in ns2

2008-04-23 Thread Bartek Nawrocki
Hi, I need to install DCCP module in ns2, I tried it in many ways but I always failed...I have 3 questions about this issue, but if somebody can help me with only one it will be good :) 1. Does somebody know how to install properly DCCP module in Cygwin on Windows platform? I have installed

[ns] How to install NS-allinone-2.1b9a (old version)

2008-04-23 Thread ByungJoon Oh
Hello, NS-users!!! I'm trying to install ns-allinone-2.1b9a (old version). But, I have many problems to install in the following: 1) can't find X library otcl-10a8 Configuration failed!! exiting (under cygwin) 2) tclcl-mappings.h 51,52, 41, 57, 41, incomplete ~~~, undefined tcl (under linux)

[ns] Use of dmalloc

2008-04-23 Thread Arturo Servin
Is anybody using dmalloc (or has used it) to debug memory? I have tried to enable it in my simulation without success. I have been following: http://www.isi.edu/nsnam/ns/ns-debugging.html http://dmalloc.com/docs/latest/online/dmalloc_4.html I cannot get any output to the logfile

[ns] I'm looking for a utility

2008-04-23 Thread DongSeung Shin
Hello, ns-users. I'm looking for a utility which plots simulation time and MAC events. That is, x-axis represents simulation time, y-axis does MAC events such as transmitting, receiving, collision, and dropping. Could anybody help me where I can get such utility? Thanks in advance.

[ns] sending a packet to a node

2008-04-23 Thread siva rupesh ss
hi ns users, I am trying to implement a modified DVMRP protocol (wired networks). I want to access distance vector routing table from my C++ code so that i can embed my info in to my own packet. Can I use aleady implemented dvr in ns-2.32 to use in my own code? (by using

[ns] getting a reference to the routing agent

2008-04-23 Thread abdullah qawasmeh
Hi all, how can I get a reference to the routing agent on a specific node from TCL code? [$node_ agent 255] doesn't work! regards, Abdulla - Be a better friend, newshound, and know-it-all with Yahoo! Mobile. Try it now.

[ns] cwnd and rwnd

2008-04-23 Thread andrew.hy
Hi all, For TCP connection in ns2, is cwnd always less than rwnd? If not, how to trace rwnd? Thanks in advance!