[ns] TORA error, DSR/DSDV/AODV working

2008-07-01 Thread Michael Nye
Hi all, Sorry to be sending multiple emails to this list but I'm really struggling with this. I managed to get DSR routing working by changing the queue type as suggested by others to CMUPriQueue. However TORA still won't work and I can't work out what is going wrong or find any solutions

[ns] urgent help to compute the avergage queue size

2008-07-01 Thread mona mohammed
hi ns2 users, can any one help me to understand the command of queue monitoring $ns_ monitor-queue n1 n2 optional: qtrace optional:sampleinterval and how can i use the handler of the queue average size. please help me, thanks in advance, Mona

[ns] difficulties in simulating 802.11 and UMTS

2008-07-01 Thread najla
Hi all, I'am simulating a 802.11 infrastructure with 2 APs connected to a wired network and 2 mobiles moving between the APs. I followed in my script the model provided with NS2.33 in infra.tcl, and the 2 mobiles are configured to make an active scan. However, the mobiles can't detect the APs

[ns] Three questions about WSN - 3D, obstacles, ZigBee

2008-07-01 Thread zoran filipovic
Hello, I have two questions: 1. ns works with 3 dimensions (x,y,z) but Z is used just for antenna. Is it possible to define z component for nodes as well and make 3D scenario, like hilly field? And how is it possible? Has anyone examle script? 2. Is it possible to model obstacles? How? Any tcl

[ns] help me to implementation hybrid RED algorithm in ns 2

2008-07-01 Thread gede mangku sarjana
hai guysmy name gedecan you help me to understant and implementing hybrid RED algorithm for congestion control in TCP?? thanksthats the paper.

[ns] Patch SIP for ns2.28

2008-07-01 Thread Vinicio Guanochanga
Hi Users... I'm trying to simulate MIPv6 and SIP in the samesimulation and I don't know any patch for SIP in ns2.28.. I waswondering if the patch 'ns-allinone-2.1b9a.sip.patch' for ns2.1b9 canbe used in ns2.28 or I need to do some especial to adapt it. I'm using ns2.28 over ubuntu 6.10

[ns] tcpdump to nam format

2008-07-01 Thread sandeep singh
Is there anyway with which I can convert the network trace captured with tcpdump to nam/ns format -- so that nam can design the network topology -- by reading the tcpdump trace file ?