[ns] Simulation error

2008-09-09 Thread Maurizio Bellemo
Hi, does anyone know why i get this error simulating? ns: _o2021 sendData IP_BROADCAST: (_o2021 cmd line 1) invoked from within _o2021 cmd sendData IP_BROADCAST invoked from within catch $self cmd $args ret invoked from within if [catch $self cmd $args ret] { set cls [$self info

[ns] Patch for RFC3168 codepoints

2008-09-09 Thread Olivier Mehani
Hi list, I'm not sure if a more appropriate list (ns-dev ?) exists, so I'm posting here. Please tell me if this suggestion would better be posted on another list/tracking systems. A part of the DCCP patch (by Nils-Erik Mattsson) for ns [0,1] contains support for RFC3168 Codepoints [2]. This

Re: [ns] problem - undefined reference ... while compiling ns-allinone-2.33 in debian

2008-09-09 Thread Tom Henderson
Daniel Henrique Joppi wrote: anybody? Daniel, I encountered the same error (it is due to gcc4.2.3 from what I can tell) and will look into it tomorrow and get back to you. Tom On Thu, Sep 4, 2008 at 10:12 PM, Daniel Henrique Joppi [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Help... I have changed to

[ns] Node with more than one network interface

2008-09-09 Thread Massimo Reineri
Dear all, I'm working on Ad-Hoc Mesh Network scenario, I want to use more than one network interfaces per node and I want to provide an IP address for each interfaces. Naturally, the interfaces installed in the same node will work in different channels to avoid interference. I tried to modify

Re: [ns] Node with more than one network interface

2008-09-09 Thread Massimo Reineri
Thank you Ramon! I've already implemented your solution and it's great when I want to work in a scenario that I can call Multi Interfaces Single IP address. The problem arises when I try to work in the scenario in which each interface (network card) is equipped with own ip address because the

Re: [ns] Node with more than one network interface

2008-09-09 Thread Massimo Reineri
Thank you Andreas for your suggestion! I will inspect it and I will let you know. Massimo - Original Message - From: Andreas J Kassler [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: 'Massimo Reineri' [EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Tuesday, September 09, 2008 12:28 PM Subject: RE: [ns] Node with more than one network

[ns] Post analysis of energy related trace file

2008-09-09 Thread samira . niafar
Hello ns-users I want to analyse an energy related trace file and i work with AWK. but it doesn't deal with energy. I have a tcl file which i want to caculate the end to end delay and throughput and energy consumption through it. when i set the mac type as 802.11 it works with AWK and give me

[ns] WLAN Powersave Management Extension for ns-2 is published.

2008-09-09 Thread Yoshinori Miyamoto
We are the team of developers from System Platforms Research Labs., NEC Corporation. At this time, we added an implementation of WLAN power save functions to ns-2.33. We would like you to look at our changes and give us your opinion about them. A patch file and a patched package for power

[ns] How to test a new protocol? [nsrt-howto]

2008-09-09 Thread Maurizio Bellemo
*Hola* *Javier, he mirado tu post sobre el articulo de Francisco. Quería usar tu file para simular el protocolo Protoname. Al final solucionaste el problema y, si es así, me puedes enviar el tcl. corregido? Gracias Maurizio *