[ns] static scenario without mobility

2009-09-25 Thread najwa al_mawajdeh
hi all, can any body help me to creat astatic scenario without mobility, im trying to do that but its not work every time im trying to make that scenario the original code am working in stop working. om working in MADOV protocol please help regards Najwa

[ns] Sensor networks simulation with NS2.33

2009-09-25 Thread vo thi my y
Hi all,   Does NS2.33 support  Wireless Sensor networks simulation without adding any extension? Please show me if there any thing that I need to add after installing NS2.33 in order to be able to simulate wireless sensor networks. Thank you very much, MYY

[ns] generate static scenario

2009-09-25 Thread najwa al_mawajdeh
hi every body, i want to make a static scenario to verify my work, i use setdest to creat the scenario, i increase the pause time to stop the mobility but when i do that the protocol stop working?? i read in someone thesis that when you increase the pause time more than the simulation time