[ns] difference between ns-2.34 and ns-2.26

2009-12-08 Thread Jyotirmoy Karjee
Hi , I have some doubt with ns- version ? (a) what is the difference between ns-2.34 and ns-2.26 version ?? (b) If i install both the version ns-2.34 and ns-2.26 in my linux system , is there any problem while running the script file ?? with regards

[ns] can i use Nrl sensorsim in ns-2.34 ?

2009-12-08 Thread Jyotirmoy Karjee
Hi, Can i use Nrl's sensorsim in ns-2.34 version ? with regards Jyotirmoy

[ns] Link State not following the least cost path... Can anyone help me please!!!!

2009-12-08 Thread BilalAKhan
Dear All, I had mailed this before as well. But I am still stuck with this. I had a reply, but the suggested increase in run time did not work out. Can anyone please help me with this, details are given below. I am running Link State Protocol on a very simple three node topology. having

[ns] Fwd: Urgent : Bandwidth and channel capacity for wireless simulation over NS2

2009-12-08 Thread Mohammed Amine Koulali
Hi NS2 users, I'm writing a simulation for Adhoc networks. I'm interested in bandwidth estimation over wireless links. First I want to define a distribution of available bandwidth all over the network links. Where to proceed? NB: by doing some code analysis I’ve noticed that 802.11 MAC protocol

[ns] retransmission in ns-2 trace

2009-12-08 Thread Aslinda Hassan
Hi.. I'm a newbie in NS-2. I'm using NS-2 to simulate wireless ad hoc network using exponential traffic. I would like to know whether there is a recording of packets retransmission in NS-2 trace file. If there is such recording, what kind of event or tag that I should look out in the

[ns] errors in installing ns2.27

2009-12-08 Thread sashtari
Hi folks I want to install an older version of ns: ns2.27, because I want to use SIP protocol. But I get some errors: tclcl-mappings.h: In static member function ‘static int TclObjectHelperT::dispatch_(void*, Tcl_Interp*, int, char**)’: tclcl-mappings.h:51: error: incomplete type ‘Tcl’ used

[ns] help to selecting coloumns to calculate throughput, delay, packetloss

2009-12-08 Thread Tritva jyothi kiran
*Hi* I need help in identifying the columns in the attached trace file. Actually i need to calculate the throughput,delay,packetloss from this file. I found some awk scripts (awk scriptshttp://mohdnajwan.putrabytes.com/2008/12/06/calculating-throughput-delay-and-jitter-in-ns-2/) online to