[ns] changes in AODV cc file.how will it effect

2010-03-01 Thread ify
Hi, i m from pakistan .im working on enhancments in AODV. i'm trying to change the aodv code.cc to make two changes: 1-to change route expire time and 2- to add a field in routing table/ But my changes in aodv. cc did not take effect. I m unable to make obect file .plz tell me how these

[ns] ns-2 FAQ

2010-03-01 Thread tomhend
The Network Simulator ns-2: Frequently Asked Questions Note: This FAQ is now available at the project wiki: http://nsnam.isi.edu/nsnam/index.php/Ns_Users_FAQ _The mailing is is now subscriber only---please see the FAQ entry on How do I post to the mailing list? Why was my

[ns] WSN NS-2 resources

2010-03-01 Thread Jethro Shell
Hey, Are there any resources relating to the use of Wireless Sensor Network simulation using NS-2? Thanks, Jethro

[ns] Address Node

2010-03-01 Thread Hector Agustin Cozzetti
Hello Everybody! I have a little question about address node. For example: set MH [$ns_ node 1.0.1] set node_(0) $MH set HAaddress [AddrParams addr2id [$HA node-addr]] [$MH set regagent_] set home_agent_ $HAaddress In this TCL lines, I assign an address to my mobile-node. I would like to know

[ns] multiple classifiers and routing modules

2010-03-01 Thread Aurelien Lafranchise
Hi all, I was wondering if it was possible to have more than one classifier (like hash/fid and hash/dest) in one routing module ? If not do i have to implement one classifier per routing module ? What are the differences and the uses between the hook for the classifiers and the next_rtm for the

[ns] 802.11: mixed dcf/edca scenario

2010-03-01 Thread Luca Favatella
Hi. I have to simulate an IEEE 802.11 scenario with both DCF (802.11-legacy) and EDCA (802.11e) stations; adhoc topology should suffice. I searched for this at http://www.isi.edu/nsnam/ns/doc/node193.html and I quickly looked at related ns-2 examples in cvs. It looks like 802.11e (EDCA) is not

[ns] unequal cost multipath routing

2010-03-01 Thread saranya devi
Is unequal cost multipath routing possible in ns2

[ns] Overhead packets versus ART

2010-03-01 Thread Lyx
Hi,   Please, I need to a script awk to calculate with ns2, Overhead packets in 2 minutes by increasing ART (3s, 12s, 30s, 60s, 120s)   we note that: ACTIVE_ROUTE_TIMEOUT (ART). The ART is a static  parameter that defines how long a route is kept in the routing  table after the last

[ns] Variable values always revert back (or never change)

2010-03-01 Thread John Adams
Hi, I am noticing something weird. I tried implementing set and get function for variables like RXThresh_ and Pt_ defined in wireless-phy.cc. These functions were implemented in ns-mobile.tcl so that I can change these through the node class. When I try to change the values, I can observe that

[ns] probmlem in wired-cum-wireless topology

2010-03-01 Thread sashtari
Hi I have a problem in wired-cum-wireless topology. I tried to run wireless3.tcl in Marc Greis' Tutorial: http://www.isi.edu/nsnam/ns/tutorial/ In this topology, the traffic source is a wired node and the sink is a moving wireless nodes which goes from the domain of a base station to the

[ns] Satellite error model problem

2010-03-01 Thread lukman_hanif
Hi all, I tried to use error model in the ns2.XX/tcl/ex/sat-iridium.tcl on the receiving terminal.I used the error model code as described in the ns manual like the following: set em [new ErrorModel] $em unit byte $em set rate_ 1e-7 $em ranvar [new RandomVariable/Uniform] $n101

[ns] running wireless simulations in 3D scenario using ns-2?

2010-03-01 Thread Hua Chen
Hi all, I am a beginner of ns-2. I did simulation of wireless networks using the mobility model in ns-2. I am now in a project which needs to simulate a wireless network in 3D scenario, e.g. wireless communications between a helicopter and a ground vehicle. Does ns-2 support such kind of

[ns] Checking Number of link changes/broken in ns2 from trace file

2010-03-01 Thread saaidal
Hi good day, I'm having problem to know how many link changes or broken in ns2 (for new wireless trace file format). Any help will be appreciated. tq UNIVERSITY OF MALAYA - The Leader in Research

[ns] sub-carriers in WSN

2010-03-01 Thread Prakash Raj Loganathan Sambandamoorthy
Dear Everyone, I am looking for implementing sub-carriers in WSN. Any advise or assistance is most appreciated. Thanks and Regards.

Re: [ns] WSN NS-2 Resources

2010-03-01 Thread Mohit Tahiliani
Hello, To simulate WSN in NS-2 either you can use Mannasim patch with ns2.29 or you can use NRL Sensorsim patch with ns2.26 or ns2.27. Following are some of the useful links: NRL Sensorsim details: http://mohittahiliani.blogspot.com/2010/02/installing-ns226-with-nrlsensorsim-on.html Mannasim