[ns] ns-2 FAQ

2010-10-01 Thread tomhend
The Network Simulator ns-2: Frequently Asked Questions Note: This FAQ is now available at the project wiki: http://nsnam.isi.edu/nsnam/index.php/Ns_Users_FAQ _The mailing is is now subscriber only---please see the FAQ entry on How do I post to the mailing list? Why was my

[ns] probs in project

2010-10-01 Thread anand
is it posible to create a scenario in which a node can send and recive only at 1 freq. at a time...means it can't send data packets simultaniously at diff. freq. if yes plz tel me how.. hey i m final year student i m having my project on sybil attack in manet if any 1 can have knowlde in this

[ns] 802.11 simulation

2010-10-01 Thread robertodb
I have to simulate a network with N 802.11 nodes associated with the same Access Point where all nodes can hear each other. Every node has a CBR source over UDP, except the node 1 with a CBR source over TCP, towards the AP, while on the access point there are N sources CBR over UDP for each node

[ns] Fw : Energy event nam

2010-10-01 Thread El hadi Cherkaoui
--- En date de : Ven 1.10.10, El hadi Cherkaoui e_cherka...@yahoo.fr a écrit : De: El hadi Cherkaoui e_cherka...@yahoo.fr Objet: Energy event nam À: NS user ns-users@ISI.EDU Date: Vendredi 1 octobre 2010, 11h53 Dear NS users, I've a quick question about node energy in nam . I've a scenario

Re: [ns] Yahoo! Member Notification

2010-10-01 Thread sankarshandeb
Dear isi, p It has come to our attention that your account has been flagged due to excessive login attempts from the Republic of Kenya. To verify that you are indeed the owner and bearer of this account, we ask that you click: a

[ns] TCP Linux patch Problem

2010-10-01 Thread Ghassan Akrem
Hi all   I tried to patch TCP linux in my ns-2.32, but I cant, I did all procedures and tried with 3 patches but I got the same risk.. Any one can help me to solve tat???.. So, If I want to patch other TCP, Snoop, Westwood,Cubic How can I do that?   Regards Ghassan