[ns] URGENT MAC802_11 how to attach MN to BS

2010-12-30 Thread El hadi Cherkaoui
dear all, I receive in my log file the following message: At 9.525694049 Mac 5 (Node 3.0.1) drop packet because does not belong to bss_id -1 (hdv_state_=1) When I grep this error in mac_80211 I see that my MN is not attached at all to the BS:   case MAC_Type_Data:         //NIST: add L2

[ns] Issues with working on Bonnmotion-1.1 and Terminal

2010-12-30 Thread Badieh Traboulsi
Hello, I use ns-allinone-2.33 on Ubuntu 8.10. I'm not sure if any of you worked on Bonnmotion-1.1 from withing a tcl file before, but I'm having two problems here. First problem is, I think after I installed either the jdk or Bonnmotion, whenever i open the terminal I get the following:

[ns] is it possible to attach more than one MN in Wifi Cell ?

2010-12-30 Thread El hadi Cherkaoui
Dear all I tried to attach N node in the same AP but it seams that it doesn't work , in the example given in NS2 each node belong to at most one AP. How can I attach more than 1 MN ? this is the instruction in TCL: set iface($i) [$ns node 2.0.[expr 1+$i]]   

[ns] help with SMAC algorithm

2010-12-30 Thread Dheeman Saha
Hello everyone Actually i am working on my term paper which is related to SMAC can anyone provide me the algorithm related to SMAC your request will be really helpful thank you