[ns] NS2 DOCSIS Simulator

2011-02-12 Thread Pushpaja MT
Can any one provide me the link where I can find documentation/code for DOCSIS MAC simulator for NS2/NS3? Thanks, Pushpaja

[ns] using TKN's EDCA model

2011-02-12 Thread Yared Birhanu
Hi guys I am trying to simulate a wired cum wireless network using TKN's EDCA model,i am having a problem as to how to define the mac layer that is while defining the parameters for the mobile node set opt(mac) Mac\802_11 when i change the above configuration to set opt(mac) Mac\802_11e and

[ns] Packet Data insertion and extraction

2011-02-12 Thread loai halem
Hello everyone I would like to ask if someone knows how in ns2 simulator can we put specific data information in the packet before traffic generation , and how to read this data after the traffic ends. Thanks.