[ns] get node name from it's ID- Error!

2011-08-04 Thread Fahimeh Akbari
Hi all I want to attach a udp agent to a node through my agent .c code. I used from following code. But I have a problem. I have two segment code that are similar completely. but when I run it second piece of code cause Segmentation Fault! error. this error is from shown line  of code. Can

[ns] Security in NS2

2011-08-04 Thread Loukman NAJDI
Hello, Can anyone help me to know how can i implement the security in NS2, like encryption or hashing, btw i have the C++ code of AES for example, but i dont know how i implement it in NS2 ... Any idea Thank u! Cordially

[ns] Diffusion implementation

2011-08-04 Thread Anas
Hi guys Through the examples of directed diffusion provided with the ns2 tutorials only ping sending are receiving are presented. however, there is no examples how the subscription should meet the publication or the opposite. if any body knows any example plz help regards anas

[ns] Problem in simulating handover between WiFi and WiMAX using NIST

2011-08-04 Thread Payaswini Nayak
Hi...  I am trying to run vertical handover simulation between wifi and wimax using NIST module. but when i run example code ( which is in directory ns2.29/tcl/hsntg/wimax/handover-wifi-wimax) i will get error node 6 is not defined. when i searched in google i came to know that the initial