[ns] problem in installing different version of ns2

2011-08-24 Thread Zeinab Rezaiefar
Hi friends, I install ns2.34 on suse 10.3 and I don't problem on installing ns2.29 on it but in installing another version of ns2 like ns2.26 ,ns2.27, ns2.31 i get error. for example in installing ns2.27 i get Tclcl error and so i install another version of tclcl (tclcl.1.17) and i didn't get

[ns] TwoRayGround propagation loss path

2011-08-24 Thread Jose Aguiar Silva
Hello all,   I have a doubt related to TwoRayGround propagation loss path in ns2. Could you help me?   I suppose the packets are lost as the distance increases, for example, with the radio range of 100 m,  when the distance between two nodes are 90 m, 30% of the packets are dropped. Is it a

Re: [ns] Problems with Xgraph

2011-08-24 Thread Raul Villafani
Dear all, I have installed ns-allinone-2.34 succcesfully. I have also run a few of examples and they are running fine. But when I run trace analysis example where xgraph is used it gives me following error: ns: finish: couldn't execute xgraph: no such file or directory while executing exec