[ns] Error: Cannot find variable

2011-08-30 Thread K. M.
Dear all, I have declared the following variable: set cbr(7) [new Application/Traffic/CBR] $cbr(7) attach-agent $udp(7) ...more code... Now, when I want to start the traffic the following works fine: $ns at $time_udp_start $cbr(7) start But the same command within a procedure i.e.: proc

[ns] generate a movement scenario pattern

2011-08-30 Thread zmezm 14
hi ns users i want to generate a movement scenario pattern using cmu-scen-gen , ./setdest  , for 100 mn , moving at speed 20 m/s  , but i want The position of MNs and itsmovement are set randomly. can you plz help out here .. 

[ns] RAT measurement

2011-08-30 Thread umair ahmed
Hi can anybody tell me how can I calculate  in ns2 the for mobile nodes    Route Acquisition Time--the time required to establish route(s) when requested.?