[ns] ns2 multimedia

2012-03-10 Thread laxmipriya moharana
Hi ,friends anyone can send me the procedure to transmit videos through ns2.

[ns] make error in ns2.29 when adding new protocol

2012-03-10 Thread mohit91
plz help, I am adding a new protocol to ns2.29 called MPOLSR. from http://www.jiaziyi.com/documents/SER29_mpolsr.rar After following these commands : make clean export CC=gcc34 CXX=g++34 ./configure make I am getting this error: no rule to make target 'olsr/OLSR.o' needed by ns.

Re: [ns] Ns-users Digest, Vol 99, Issue 9

2012-03-10 Thread Siddu Biradar
On 3/10/12, ns-users-requ...@isi.edu ns-users-requ...@isi.edu wrote: Send Ns-users mailing list submissions to ns-users@isi.edu To subscribe or unsubscribe via the World Wide Web, visit http://mailman.isi.edu/mailman/listinfo/ns-users or, via email, send a message with subject

[ns] Segmentation Fault

2012-03-10 Thread leily A.Bakhtiar
Hi Dear friends I've run this code in Ns-2 and I changed its routing protocol such as AODV, DSDV AOMDV and DSR . But in DSR protocol the code didn't run and made an error Segmentation Fault Would you please help me? Best,

[ns] VANET Simulation

2012-03-10 Thread manonmani maligachar
Hello, I'm working on VANET project, and want to simulate it in NS-2. Please help me how I can go about it? Regards Manonmani

[ns] Last mile COGNITIVE 2012 July 22-27, 2012 - Nice, France

2012-03-10 Thread Cristina Pascual
INVITATION: = Please consider to contribute to and/or forward to the appropriate groups the following opportunity to submit and publish original scientific results to COGNITIVE 2012. The submission deadline is set to March 16, 2012. In addition, authors of selected papers