[ns] ns-2 command problem

2012-09-03 Thread Manjula Raja
Hello any one i am facing this problem since last firday i.e 31/aug/2012 when i type the command ns, the error message displayed is [root@localhost rajamanjula]# ns ns: [code omitted because of length] : ambiguous command name F: FECModel FQLink FSM FSM/RenoAck FSM/RenoDelAck FSM/TahoeAck

[ns] Intra-Domain Networks in ns-2

2012-09-03 Thread Sandy Haff
hi all , how are you doing i have question regarding Intra-Domain Networks in ns-2 , is there any code in ns2 regarding Intra-Domain Networks

[ns] problem solved

2012-09-03 Thread Manjula Raja
Hello friends, my problem to the problem which i posted in my previous posting is now solved ... code omitted because of The mistake was , presence of extra character F in one of the tcl file, which got typed mistakenly, when i was using Ctrl+F key, i pressed Shift+F to find my thing and