[ns] calling function through tcl

2013-04-14 Thread Sailu D
i have writen a function in dsdv.cc num() which will return me a integer count . Now how do i cal this function through my tcl script ?

[ns] Have Installed ns2 using cygwin in widows7 want to find how to randomply deploy nodes andthen find the neighbours of the node

2013-04-14 Thread saba khalid
Hello Sir, I am new to ns2 .I have installed ns2 using cygwin in windows7.I.. want to randomly deploy 100 nodes in a grid.and then i want to find the cordinates of the grid.please help me I am lost -- Warm Regards, Saba Khalid

[ns] Adding new routing protocol

2013-04-14 Thread Arun Sinha
_o14 cmd addr invoked from within. This error keeps on coming after I had tried addingnew protocol by cloning AODV. Can someone tell me how can I remove this problem? Thanks Arun

Re: [ns] Problem in mark greig's wireless1.tcl

2013-04-14 Thread Sahil Sharma
Hi, Thanks for the reply. It worked for me.The tcl script wireless1.tcl is working perfectly now. I have one more problem, in tutorial its written Running wireless1-out.nam we see the three mobilenodes moving in nam window. I see that wireless1-out.nam have been created in the directory but