[ns] PUMA protocol help

2014-01-01 Thread Rajeswari Jambunathan
I want to use a multicast protocol for my project. I found that PUMA is available in ns 2.35. Can someone please explain how exactly i can multicast data to a group using this protocol? -- Raji.

[ns] query regarding XCP(explicit control protocol)

2014-01-01 Thread prince
i am working on xcp protocol but i am not able to understand working of residual feed back in xcp protocol that it is static type value or independent for each packet pls help thanks -- View this message in context:

[ns] Fw: help

2014-01-01 Thread saurabh mittal
- Forwarded Message - From: saurabh mittal mittal_saurab...@yahoo.co.in To: ns-users@isi.edu ns-users@isi.edu Sent: Thursday, 2 January 2014 12:17 PM Subject: help Dear All   Although its almost a year ago I started working on ns2 but still sometimes I find myself stuck inbetween