[ns] Throughput and collision measurement in 802.11 AP-mode

2009-01-16 Thread Иван
Hi! I am a beginner in Ns-2, but I managed to alter infra.tcl script to my needs - I had to model several independent 802.11 g networks. Now I have to calculate the throughput of each of them and to see how the throughput is affected by collision (because networls affect each other). Can

[ns] dynamic library problem in ns-allinone-2.33

2009-02-12 Thread Иван
Hi! Can anyone help me, please, with the dynamic library problem in ns-allinone-2.33 ? During the installation I got the following warning: *** Warning: linker path does not have real file for library -lns. *** I have the capability to make that library automatically link in when *** you link to

[ns] setting the node as an AP in 802_11Ext Model

2009-02-15 Thread Иван
Hi! I am using 802_11Ext model with multirate support. I need to use it AP-mode. Who knows how to declare an AP in this model? I tried to do it like in the Infra example but I failed (I got a failure: ap lookup failed). Can anyone help me, please?

[ns] Throughput value difference in 802.11

2009-02-17 Thread Иван
Hi! I am using 802.11 Ext model and when I plot the througput in Xgraph it turns out to be different depending on how many traces (e.g. MAC trace, Agent trace, PHY trace) are turned ON. But the thoughput can't change. So the question is how can I know where there is a REAL throughput value?