[ns] Why I cannot declare member functions ???

2007-12-03 Thread Adriano Galati
Hi, I am trying to extend ns2 and when I compile my files with make I get In file included from dtn/DTNAgent.h:19, from dtn/DTNAgent.cc:15: dtn/routes.h: In constructor `LinkInfo::LinkInfo()': dtn/routes.h:16: warning: `LinkInfo::busyTo_' will be initialized after

[ns] where is TclClass ?

2007-12-04 Thread Adriano Galati
Hi, I was looking and did not find, for the file where TclClass is written... does anybody know it? Cheers Adriano This message has been checked for viruses but the contents of an attachment may still contain software viruses, which could damage your computer system: you are advised to perform

[ns] Segmentation Fault extending ns2

2007-12-05 Thread Adriano Galati
Hi, I have extended ns2 for dtn simulations. I have also created my classes for routing. I have written my tcl file, see below, and I simply get a segmentation fault, without any explanation... Does anybody have suggestions or got similar problem??? Thank you in advance, Adriano # Create a

[ns] segmentation fault in the tcl script

2007-12-06 Thread Adriano Galati
Hi, when I write and run my tcl script with puts Starting Simulation... or when I open a file for writing with set f [open out.tr w] $ns trace-all $f I get a segmentation fault Does anybody know the reason? Thanks Adriano This message has been checked for viruses but the contents of an

[ns] segmentation fault extending ns2 because of more output channels: how to fix it???

2007-12-06 Thread Adriano Galati
Hi everybody, I am extending ns2 and below is my script tcl. I have realized that my tcl script works only with one output stream. For example, If at the script below I take off the open a file part and the puts function in the finish{} then the tcl script works. Any idea? Thanks Adriano #