[ns] ns2 and TCPWestwood modules problem

2006-08-08 Thread Aleksandar Smolovic
I have installed TCP Westood NR modules on NS2 ver. 2.29.3 and recompile goes fine. But when I try to start NS on prompt I have something like this: machine:/mypath/# ns ns: [code omitted because of length] : invalid command name Agent/TCP/WestwoodNR while executing Agent/TCP/WestwoodNR

[ns] How to make .o files

2006-08-08 Thread Aleksandar Smolovic
Hi all, when I need to install a module under NS2 and have modulefile.cc and modulefile.h files how to make modulefile.o ? Thanks.

[ns] Problem with .o files

2006-08-09 Thread Aleksandar Smolovic
Hi all, I have file.cc and file.h and I put that in for example ~/tcp/file.cc and ~/tcp/file.h. Now I make neccesary modifications and among other things in OBJ_CC section on Makefile I have put this . tcp/file.o \ .. When I do ./configure and make and make install I do not have

Re: [ns] problems with xgraph-12.1

2006-08-14 Thread Aleksandar Smolovic
Of course, you are working on console (in X), not on terminal ? You need to install xgraph-12.1 which you have provided in your ns-allinone-2.29.3 folder. In that folder you have readme file for installation instruction. In further you need to add that path to environment and, if I am right,

[ns] HowTo install TCP LogWestwood+ in NS2

2006-10-05 Thread Aleksandar Smolovic
Hi all, I have installed TCP Westwood and TCP Westwood+ in NS2. Now I need to do it with TCP LogWestwood+, but don't know how to do it. Can somebody help me with installation procedure here. Thanks. A.

[ns] How to setup - Random Error Generator in NS2

2006-10-06 Thread Aleksandar Smolovic
Hi all, I need to setup link between two nodes where I have RANDOM ERRORS with PER (packet error rate) = 10exp-7, 10exp-6,10exp-5 etc. So, I need to setup Error generator in ns2. Can somebody tell me how to do this? Thanks. A.

[ns] ns-2.29 and ns-2.27

2006-10-11 Thread Aleksandar Smolovic
May I install concurrently ns-2.29 and ns-2.27 on same linux computer installed under different paths? How to do that ? A. P.S. I have some modules developed under ns-2.27 and cannot work under ns-2.29 and vice versa. So, I need some solution like this one above...

[ns] BIC TCP / CUBIC TCP under ns-2.29

2006-10-12 Thread Aleksandar Smolovic
Hi all, Anyone have installed BIC TCP and CUBIC TCP under ns-2.29 ? I have downloaded files (tcp.cc and tcp.h) from their site but they are for ns-2.26. Now, I need to make changes to my files in ns-29, since I cannot JUST use ns-2.26 files. I have downloaded ns-2.26 from NS2 site, find

[ns] BIC-TCP and CUBIC-TCP in ns-2.29

2006-10-17 Thread Aleksandar Smolovic
Hi all, any of you with BIC-TCP and CUBIC-TCP installed under ns-2.29 ?