Re: [ns] ns bibtex entry

2007-05-11 Thread Arturo Lev Servin
[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Could anyone send the bibtex entry for NS-2 reference? Thank you in advance /salva I used this one. If some have a better one it would be great. @misc{ns2, key = ns, title = {The Network Simulator NS-2}, howpublished =

Re: [ns] problem configuring ns-2.

2007-07-25 Thread Arturo Lev Servin
fdouglas wrote: Hello, I am trying to configure the NS-2.26 in a AMD64 machine with Ubuntu. When I type ./configure I got the following message: ... checking for libtcldbg... no checking dmalloc... not requested with --with-dmalloc checking for perl... /usr/lib not version

[ns] Problem with new protocol and packets sent

2007-09-25 Thread Arturo Lev Servin
I am creating my own protocol in ns. Let me explain what the problem is. I have 4 nodes, 1,2,3 and 4. 1,2 and 3 are connected to 4 and the send packets to 4. 4 must process the packet and send back the response to the other 3 nodes. The problem is that 4 always sends the packet to 3 even if