Re: [ns] question on installation NS-2.29 on Linux Ubuntu

2007-04-13 Thread Arturo Servin
I had the same problems in Ubuntu 6.10 and ns-2-31. I had to compile with gcc and g++ 4.0 instead of 4.1 (default in my distro). There are a couple of urls documenting this and how to install ns in ubuntu.

Re: [ns] couldn't execute nam: no such file or directory

2007-04-29 Thread Arturo Servin
Kuheli louha wrote: Hi, I am using ns-allinone-2.30. I was running the following example.tcl from ns-allinone-2.30 using the command /home/where_i_installed ns/ns- allinone-2.30/ns-2.30/ns example.tcl but I am getting the following error ns: finish: couldn't execute nam: no such file or

Re: [ns] Flow-aware networking

2007-07-04 Thread Arturo Servin
Hi, Some time ago somebody sent this post to ns-users. I am trying to build a flow table. Each node send data (UDP or TCP) to other nodes. The simulation now is very small, just 5 or 6 nodes and I want to make a file with the information of flows over time. Basically what it is said in the

Re: [ns] Queue Monitor - Packet Drops

2007-07-04 Thread Arturo Servin
Somewhere in these three sites there is your answer: -as Banu Sundar wrote: Hi users, I have questions on how to monitor the packet drop between two particular links.I have used the

Re: [ns] Questions for an eavesdropping agent

2007-08-11 Thread Arturo Servin
李令雄 wrote: Hi all, I want to implement a monitor(or eavesdropping) agent. The agent will be set at a middle node of a transmission. It listens and operates all packets that passed through the node. Since packets are not for the middle node, the monitor agent will not

Re: [ns] how to get used-bandwidth of a wireless node in ns

2007-08-26 Thread Arturo Servin
I do not know if carrying a bandwidth value inside the flow is the best solution. Bandwidth as I see is data_transmitted/time. And time is relative, are you going to measure the bandwidth in the last second, the last minute, the last hour? So that why I think is not the best way. I would

Re: [ns] how can implement DDoS attack using ns2

2007-11-25 Thread Arturo Servin
It would depend of what you want to do. I am using UDP and CBR in a manual topology that I generated. There are some tools to automatic generate a big number of nodes but I have not tested yet. Now my attacks are confined to a small network. -as brij wrote: Dear all please guide me to

[ns] Rate-limit and rate-limit-strategy

2007-11-26 Thread Arturo Servin
I wonder if somebody has any documentation about rate-limit and rate-limit-strategy. Both are under ns/pushback. thanks, -as

Re: [ns] segmentation fault(core dumped) error

2008-03-14 Thread Arturo Servin
I have 69 nodes, it was working well until yesterday that I added one line to create a new variable. After the value set up the simulation crash around the middle, if I remove the line, it works well. The offending line could be something as silly as: set dummy 0 I wonder

[ns] Use of dmalloc

2008-04-23 Thread Arturo Servin
Is anybody using dmalloc (or has used it) to debug memory? I have tried to enable it in my simulation without success. I have been following: I cannot get any output to the logfile

Re: [ns] RTT(please help me)

2008-05-01 Thread Arturo Servin
You could get the rtt by c++ and by tcl. Tcl might be easier. This is an example in tcl where $tcp0 is a tcp agent. set rtt [$tcp0 set rtt_] Regards, -as On 1 May 2008, at 17:59, d d wrote: Hello, I am new in ns. I simulate a simple topology with tcl. I want to

Re: [ns] How to work in eclipse for NS-2 new protocol.

2008-05-02 Thread Arturo Servin
It would be great if you could share your experience in the wiki or in a blog. I just could not make ns compile in eclipse. -as On 2 May 2008, at 10:09, Salih ML wrote: I am able to build ns-2 with eclipse. However when I try to debug ns-2 using eclipse I am getting the following error:

Re: [ns] Why routing is performed on layer 2 in IEEE 802.11s wireless mesh networks standard

2008-05-19 Thread Arturo Servin
I remember something similar with Frame Relay and mostly with ATM, which in deed had its own routing protocol PNNI. I do not know about IEEE 802.11s but with ATM you need to switch the cells independently from the L3 protocol (then it came MPLS and we forgot about ATM), I imagine that

Re: [ns] How to produce HTTP Packet/Traffic

2008-07-16 Thread Arturo Servin
I have never used it but I think that Packmime-http could be useful for you: The original link is not working but you can use the google cache:

Re: [ns] assigning IP address to nodes

2008-11-05 Thread Arturo Servin
If you are working with your code in TCL may be you can make a map Node_ID (from ns) to an IP address in your TCL script. If you are working in C++ you can do what Sidney proposes. Either way you have a way to do it, may be not trivial but definitely possible. -as

Re: [ns] ns in eclipse

2009-02-27 Thread Arturo Servin
Yes you can. You have to add the ns paths to eclipse. There is an old e-mail with the references of the libraries to include and the paths. Do a search in the list and you could find that e-mail. -as On 27 Feb 2009, at 21:14, sarym binome wrote: hello how

Re: [ns] Running c++ code in NS

2009-03-01 Thread Arturo Servin
You have to include your code (I am not sure but I think that you should do it in the same path were the rest of the ns code is) and to modify the make files in order to compile your code. Check the own ns makefiles as an example, they will give you a hint of what to include. -as

Re: [ns] Install ns2.26..mission impossible?!

2009-03-26 Thread Arturo Servin
Have you tried to install the BGP++ module in the latest version? May be you would need to modify the make files and the ns-default TCL file but it may be easier. -as On 26 Mar 2009, at 12:17, blerina wrote: Hello to everyone, I am trying to install ns 2.26 on Fedora

Re: [ns] CFT SyClick symposium on Click Modular Router

2009-06-19 Thread Arturo Servin
I just read a little about Click and it sounds really interesting. I have a project and I was thinking in using the default nodes of NS (adding later routing, classification, filtering, etc.) but now that I read about click I think it may be a better approach. There is a

Re: [ns] ns 2 agents

2009-07-09 Thread Arturo Servin
I did play with the headers to test my own protocol. As far as I know NS you should be able to modify your own header information to add what you need. I am not enough savy to explain how I did it but I found this manual really helpful to understand how NS handles the headers. It