[ns] Issues while running a .tcl file using ns2

2010-12-18 Thread Badieh Traboulsi
Hello, Let me start by saying that the file compiled perfectly, but when i try to run router.tcl using the following command ns router.tcl graphname 6x6.net i get the following error: invalid command name frame while executing frame .panel (procedure makedisplay line 8)

[ns] Error while doing make in ns

2010-12-21 Thread Badieh Traboulsi
Hello, When I do make ns I get the following error trace/cmu-trace.o: In function `hdr_swarm::access(Packet const*)': cmu-trace.cc:(.text._ZN9hdr_swarm6accessEPK6Packet[hdr_swarm::access(Packet const*)]+0x7): undefined reference to `hdr_swarm::offset_' collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

[ns] I dont understand a statement in ./install

2010-12-22 Thread Badieh Traboulsi
Hello, I use Ubuntu 8.10 to run the NS, and when I do the command: ./install at some point im asked the following: Please enter your java binary path []: Does this mean I need to enter the path to install Java, or it is asking for the java executable ? or is it something else? Thanks!

[ns] Issues with working on Bonnmotion-1.1 and Terminal

2010-12-30 Thread Badieh Traboulsi
Hello, I use ns-allinone-2.33 on Ubuntu 8.10. I'm not sure if any of you worked on Bonnmotion-1.1 from withing a tcl file before, but I'm having two problems here. First problem is, I think after I installed either the jdk or Bonnmotion, whenever i open the terminal I get the following:

[ns] GUI freezing up

2011-01-04 Thread Badieh Traboulsi
Hello! My code is opening up a frame with buttons and labels perfectly, but whenever Im in this procedure proc do_some {sim} { global sendcmds runmode shownode while { $runmode == go } { puts $sim $sendcmds set sendcmds {} flush $sim update set outline [gets $sim]

[ns] Issues with the command gets

2011-01-06 Thread Badieh Traboulsi
Hello, I'm still trying to figure out why the execution is halting on the command set outline [gets $sim] in the procedure do_some. I'm pretty sure it is stopping there because if i add ( puts Trial 1) before the specified command, and ( puts Trial 2) after the command. It will only print