[ns] I'm looking for a utility

2008-04-23 Thread DongSeung Shin
Hello, ns-users. I'm looking for a utility which plots simulation time and MAC events. That is, x-axis represents simulation time, y-axis does MAC events such as transmitting, receiving, collision, and dropping. Could anybody help me where I can get such utility? Thanks in advance.

[ns] The number of max paths of AOMDV

2008-07-08 Thread DongSeung Shin
Hello, ns users. I have an interest about the number of maximum alternative paths of AOMDV. As I know, AOMDV can find all possible node (or link) disjoint paths. But, usually, the maximum number of paths is set to 3 in ns-2 simulations. I don't know why the number of paths is limited. Is

[ns] Request for an example of FEC

2008-09-08 Thread Dongseung Shin
Dear ns-users. I'd like to implement FEC at transport layer. I've searched internet to find an example of FEC either at data link layer or at transport layer, but failed. If anybody knows where the example is, please tell me. Thanks.