[ns] OTCL-Linkage

2006-08-08 Thread Jana Henniger
I’m new to ns-2 and C++ and need help concerning OTCL-Linkage. I’ve created a new class ContextAgent which has AODV as friendclass. ContextAgent has two public variables that are bound to OTCL using the bind()-function (as it is used in the Example ex-linkage.cc from the tutorial “ns by

[ns] How to change routing protocol packet header field?

2006-08-18 Thread Jana Henniger
Hello all, how can I change a field in the routing protocol packet header but only for one node. I tried it with the help of an agent but don't know how to assign the value to the packet header, since they are two different objects. I use AODV. Has anyone an idea?! jana -- Feel free – 10

[ns] Access Agent List From C++

2006-08-21 Thread Jana Henniger
Is there a way to access the agent list from C++ ? (AND GET ACCESS TO A PARTICULAR ONE?) more explicit from AODV::sendRequest -- Der GMX SmartSurfer hilft bis zu 70% Ihrer Onlinekosten zu sparen! Ideal für Modem und ISDN: http://www.gmx.net/de/go/smartsurfer

[ns] Access to Agents

2006-08-24 Thread Jana Henniger
Hello, is it possible in C++ to access the agents of a node when I have the node ID or rather the name of the nodeobejct(e.g. o_14)??? - Or to find out which Agents belong to my node? jana -- Echte DSL-Flatrate dauerhaft für 0,- Euro*. Nur noch kurze Zeit! Feel free mit GMX DSL: