Re: [ns] rebroadcasting interval in ns2

2009-10-09 Thread Jonathan Petit
Hi Ksulla ! It depends on how do you send broadcast messages. Tell us how do you do. Jonathan

Re: [ns] Broadcast data in NS2

2009-10-13 Thread Jonathan Petit
routing protocol, just normally one node broadcast packet and neigboring nodes receive that packet. Could anybody please help me how to do that? Does anyone know if any NS2 version or NS2 extension supports broadcasting? Please help me. Thank you in advanced. Huy Jonathan Petit Ph.D. student

[ns] [MOVE]Integrate Google Earth map (KML) into NS2

2010-01-07 Thread Jonathan Petit
Hi, In Rapid Generation of Realistic Simulation for VANET, authors proposed the MObility generator for VEhicular networks (MOVE). MOVE can generate a movement scenario from a KML file (Google Earth). I've created my KML file but I didn't find the way to put it in MOVE. How to integrate KML file

Re: [ns] [MOVE]Integrate Google Earth map (KML) into NS2

2010-01-11 Thread Jonathan Petit
-4 wrote: Message: 4 Date: Thu, 7 Jan 2010 12:16:38 +0100 From: Jonathan Petit Subject: [ns] [MOVE]Integrate Google Earth map (KML) into NS2 Hi, In Rapid Generation of Realistic Simulation for VANET, authors proposed the MObility generator for VEhicular

Re: [ns] Nakagami propagation model

2010-01-27 Thread Jonathan Petit
. It could be very useful for everybody who wants to use Nakagami propagation model. Jonathan Petit. Sergio Luis O. B. Correia wrote: Hello, I'm trying to use the Nakagami propagation model in NS2 but I am unable to correctly set up its parameters to meet my requirements (I'd like

Re: [ns] IEEE WAVE and 802.11p Standard's Ability

2010-01-27 Thread Jonathan Petit
forwarding. So, I guess that WAVE standards have one-hop and multi-hop forwarding ability. Hope it helps. Jonathan Petit. joarder wrote: Hi, Can anyone tell me is IEEE WAVE and 802.11p standards offer V2V and I2V communications with either single-hop or multi-hop forwarding ability

Re: [ns] 80211ext (?) - logic error at TXC handling ACKIndication

2010-02-02 Thread Jonathan Petit
regards, Jonathan Petit Ph.D. student Institut de Recherche en Informatique de Toulouse Paul Sabatier University IRIT1 - 422 Phone: +33(0)5 61 55 65 77

Re: [ns] changing Range in NS

2010-02-02 Thread Jonathan Petit
You could find the solution here: Enjoy. Jonathan. hakki wrote: Hi, have you ever found any solution Hakki AfterEight wrote:

Re: [ns] ns2 experts in vienna

2010-02-03 Thread Jonathan Petit
Hi, I'm not in Vienna but I could help you with ns2. Contact me. Jonathan. Alexander Adrowitzer wrote: hi all, i am looking for ns2 experts in vienna who could help me in solving some problems or at least answer me some questions. i am trying to develop a new routing algorithm for

Re: [ns] DSRC [Dedicated Short-Range Communications] in NS2

2010-03-07 Thread Jonathan Petit
for ns2 yet. So, if you have time... :) Best regards, Jonathan Petit. rasheed1984 wrote: Dear NS2 Users السلام عليكم/پہ خیرراغلے/Hello/안녕하세요. Has anybody implemented DSRS (Dedicated Short-Range Communications) in NS2? If anyone has, Please give me a reply (i will be waiting

[ns] Nakagami - list of neighbor

2010-05-15 Thread Jonathan Petit
. Does anyone have a clue? Best regards. Jonathan Petit. -- View this message in context: Sent from the ns-users mailing list archive at

Re: [ns] neighbor list

2010-05-16 Thread Jonathan Petit
Hi, I need to compute the number of one-hop neighbors at frequent time for each node. Please, paste your code, we may help each other. Jonathan Petit. Neeraj Gupta wrote: Hi all i have written a small function to find out all the neighbors of a node. The problem where should

Re: [ns] tcl and c++ files

2010-08-19 Thread Jonathan Petit
store the value of val(nn). Hope it helps! Jonathan Petit leticia bela wrote: Hi, how to send a value of a variable from the tcl file to the c++ file in order to being able to use it in c++ file Thanks - Découvrez une nouvelle façon

Re: [ns] IEEE 802.11p Mac protocol implementation

2010-10-11 Thread Jonathan Petit
with ns2.33. Best regards, Jonathan Petit PhD student Paul Sabatier University Mojtaba Asgari wrote: I need to know how to use IEEE 802.11p MAC protocol (for vehicular ad hoc networks) in ns2, Does it supported or not? Is there anybody that can give me any link to any 802.11p

Re: [ns] Vanet Scenario file

2011-06-11 Thread Jonathan Petit
(I know that in Mannasim, node could be switch OFF/ON). We keep in touch. Best regards, Jonathan Petit Zakia Khalfallah wrote: Hi friends, I'm simulating urban Vanet traffic . i have a correct scenario file for real traces of the mobility that i found in a sure