Re: [ns] Linux does not allow me copy something in root or elsewhere!

2005-12-20 Thread Kamal Gakhar
THIS IS NS-USERS FORUM. plz consult web for linux problems. Clearly if you are NOT the owner then someone else is. ASK HIM. On 12/20/05, ICE MAN [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi, How are you friends? I have a problem with Linux RdHat13 Fedoracore4! It does not allow me to copy any thing into

[ns] how to use PriQueue

2005-12-21 Thread Kamal Gakhar
Can anyone provide a link OR an example on how to use PriQueue (Priority Queueing)? What should be done more in addition to specify DropTail/PriQueue while setting up a link? As I suppose I need to set-up some parameters for settiing priorities for different traffic types, Do I..?? How can I do

Re: [ns] lost and dropped packets

2005-12-27 Thread Kamal Gakhar
any consideration to distance between nodes..?? On 27 Dec 2005 04:16:07 -, cp kothari [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: while simulating wireless network using AODV and DSR protocol for 3 nodes i am getting lost packets of the order ~1000 packets out of total ~5000 packets transmitted. what

Re: [ns] Makefile:233: *** commands commence before first target. Stop.

2005-12-28 Thread Kamal Gakhar
though not familiar with this paper's detail or code it seems to me a configuration problem. check out path etc. and also source code (whether written for earlier or later versions). did you need to install their piece of code, if yes, then using it directly on an ns already on ur system might

Re: [ns] Random cross-traffic generation

2005-12-28 Thread Kamal Gakhar
using random utilities in ns2, try to alternate traffic at different times. also plz let me know what do you mean by term cross-traffic?? thanks On 12/28/05, Amit Mondal [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi All, Any idea about how to generate random cross traffic in ns-2. For my simulation, to

Re: [ns] compute jitter, delay, througput from .tr file in Enhaced DCF simulations

2005-12-28 Thread Kamal Gakhar
try some utilities avaliable on Eitan Altman ns2 home page. obviously you might need to change depending upon traffic type. here is a link: regards On 12/28/05, Rudrashetty shetty [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: sir/madam ! I have

Re: [ns] Defining queing mechanisms

2006-01-11 Thread Kamal Gakhar
Chech this page on Sally's RED. Let me know if it helped: On 1/11/06, #LIM XIAOWEI# [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi! In order to implement queue mechanisms, i understand we can define it in when we define the links such as $ns simplex-link node0

[ns] EDF in ns2..??

2006-01-11 Thread Kamal Gakhar
Does anyone has any idea if EDF module for ns2 had been contibuted..?? -- Kamal

[ns] concerning CBQ example

2006-01-13 Thread Kamal Gakhar
Hi, I have tried to find (desperately !!) an example that explains how to use CBQ in ns2 but couldn't find it. Do you know some link or any existing example work that I could use to understand it. regards, -- Kamal

[ns] Fwd: help needed flow monitoring

2006-02-05 Thread Kamal Gakhar
1. how do i interpret the per flow trace file? It depends what performance parameters you ld like to look at. So first check that. Once done, approach packet by packet, read notes Eitan Altman's notes on ns2 on how to use trace files. (how to extract useful interepretation). 2. how do i make

Re: [ns] how to use xgraph

2006-02-08 Thread Kamal Gakhar
plz look at ns2 tutorial by Eitan Altman. On 2/8/06, minaxi rawat [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: hello when i am trasmiting the data,trace file is generate,how we collect the relible data to the trace file and how we implement thatv to the xgraph. please help me.

Re: [ns] segmentation fault

2006-02-08 Thread Kamal Gakhar
try to see if you have memory limits on your system. On 2/8/06, anitha selvarasu [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi all, I am Anitha doing graduation in India. Currently I am working with ns2 for my project. I followed Marc's tutorial and everything works till wireless. I am not able to

Re: [ns] how to record number of packets arrived within a time period in tcp

2006-03-11 Thread Kamal Gakhar
just look at (either last or second last) parameter in the trace file and you know the number of packets arrived at the destination. Dont forget to check that it's +r on destination side. On 3/10/06, Kavi priya K [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hai all, I have to record number of TCP