[ns] sctp model in ns2 data chunk/AppData trace

2006-07-20 Thread Lee Begg
. Is there a way to get a trace that just has when the AppData was sent and when it arrived, and how big it was? Regards Lee Begg

Re: [ns] How to use SCTP application traffic ?

2006-07-23 Thread Lee Begg
On Mon, 24 Jul 2006 04:06, kerwin wrote: Hi all, I saw the sctp.{h, cc} source codes in ~ns-2.29\apps directory. How to use the SCTP application traffic in tcl scripts ? Thank a lot ! Just the same way as Ftp app. set sctpapp0 [new Application/SctpApp] $sctpapp0 attach-agent $sctp0 where

Re: [ns] has anyone used EvalVid software with Ns??

2006-11-05 Thread Lee Begg
and the evalvid pages. Thank You in advance, with regards, POOJA VYAVAHARE Regards Lee Begg